Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Six Functions of Art: #5... Give tangible form to feelings and ideas.

Six Functions of Art

5. Give tangible form to feelings and ideas.

Art is full of emotion and feelings. Many times it is created with emotion and evokes emotion… that is how art often speaks to me personally. I am not much of an abstract painter (as seen in this piece) but I did this painting several years ago in dealing with some feelings I was having. The piece is titled "Tired of Being Angry" and was my cry out from the total exhaustion of being stuck in the angry mode of grief. My friend/sister was killed in an auto accident in 1998. 2004 was an especially rough year for me for some reason... I couldn't explain it... how was I doing so well and then five years later I was getting angry to the point my family was suffering because of it? This painting came as a result of it... it was my way of letting go and letting God take care of it.

Tired of Being Angry
8x10" acrylic on canvas
Bernie Rosage Jr.

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My name is Develyn Durn and I am presently in a art class here in MS. We are studying the 6 functions of Art. I chose this one. I so happen to come across your artwork, and found it very interesting. I can see the abstract being in despair and looking like its giving all of its strength to God.I can see your pain and I can also see your relief. I am writing an essay on your painting in my class. I hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing your inner feelings.