"All any man can do... is add his fragment to the whole.No man can be final... but he can record his progress...What he leaves is so much for others to use as stones to step on, or stones to avoid.After all, the goal is not making art... It is living life.Those who live their lives will leave the stuff that is really art."
Robert Henri, The Art Spirit
Bernie Rosage Jr.
American Artist

Bernie Rosage Jr.
Jacksonville, NC

My name is Bernie Rosage Jr. and I’m a native of Onslow County, North Carolina, where I reside with my wife, Tami, our children and grandchildren. My passion for art started at an early age and it continues as a self taught artist. I like the term "self motivated to be taught" as I work hard to fuel my passion of painting.

I use a painterly approach to color and texture which gives me a unique sense of style, best defined as Impressionistic Realism. As you can see from my work… I love to work in oils and acrylics and my style varies from true impressionism to the luminous style.

My subjects are often personal and convey feelings of peace, serenity, and nostalgia. I am drawn to country roads, marshlands, cottages, barns, trees, open fields, flowing rivers, etc... anything that eludes to a peaceful, calming feeling when viewed.

I mostly paints from life, either in the studio or on location “en plein aire“… a French term that translates to “in open air.” I am a firm believer that painting from direct observation really hones the artist’s skills and develops the art of seeing.

My mindset and work lately has taken a shift… I have moved beyond just capturing what my subject looks like to something deeper… I am striving for the divine and sublime as I paint now.

Bringing everyday objects to life in fresh and artistic ways by capturing light, mood, and atmosphere are goals I am consciously and consistently achieving. I call this shift my Artistic Release!

My favorite subject is the landscape… for me… painting the landscape is spiritual. It’s as if I am savoring God’s creation by painting it.

I hope you enjoy my blog… and maybe one of my paintings will tug at your heartstrings and find a new home.


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mattbishop1371 said...

Bernie, I was checking out your blog and really enjoying seeing your work. I am going to share this with Mr. Joe Baes that I work with. I was talking to you on Sunday about Joe's daughter who is an artist as well. Take care, my friend and brother in Christ.

Matt Bishop