Monday, August 04, 2014

New Bern Art Crawl this Friday (August 8th) features works and demo by Bernie Rosage.

I will be showing some works and doing a painting demo at Fine Art @ Baxter's Gallery this Friday evening in Historic Downtown New Bern for the Art Walk. Make plans to attend this FUN evening of art, music, fellowship, food, and drink. The fun usually starts around 5pm
In Art,

Alfred A Cunningham Drawbridge - New Bern, NC
10x20x1.75" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Bernie Rosage Jr.

Event Title:Summertime ARTcrawl in Downtown New Bern
Dates/Times:Friday, August 8, 2014
Location:Galleries, Studios, Art Shops, Performance Venues & More throughout Historic Downtown New Bern.
Description:ARTcrawl through the landmarks and showcases of art exhibits, live performances & artisan demos by a plethera of creative people in New Bern!

ARTcrawl is held the 2nd Friday of every month! For a map of participating locations in Downtown New Bern, stop by the Community Artist Will located at 228 Craven Street or visit the website below.
Admission:FREE & Open to the Public!
Organization:Community Artist Will

Line up of events...

ArtCrawl August 8th 2014

On Craven Street, come to the Isaac Taylor Gardens to hear the live music of the Beach Street Band, a seven piece jazz ensemble from Havelock who are always a crowd pleaser. Artists will be demonstrating and selling their hand made, one of kind crafts and fine art pieces. Participating artists include ECU graduate Samrae Duke who specializes in fantastic illustrative works, Katherine Wiggs with her fine art paintings, Ben Watford demonstrating his skills on the pottery wheel as well as showing his unique pieces, and Susan Spirko with watercolor, oil, and acrylic paintings. Several jewelry makers will be on hand. Elisa Shulman and her wonderful bead work creations, Ashley McDaniel with scrimshaw and enamel pendants, and Alice Bilello will be set up in the gallery with her amazing jewelry creations.

The Gallery on Craven, a new art co-op, in front of the gardens will be open and displaying the works of several local artists. The wonderful and talented artists who participate in this gallery are Dara Morgan, Jay Manning, Dottie Miller, Sarah Thrasher, Bernice Abraham, Jon Derby, Brandy Baxter, Elaine Meyer, and Becky Preece.

At Studio 413 located at 413 Broad Street, Edward Macomber will be showing watercolor paintings from his trip to England. He will lead a discussion on his experiences with the Chelsea Arts Society, staying at Elton John's estate, painting at Harrods, and meeting other distinguished members of the Chelsea Arts Society.

On Pollock Street, between Middle and Craven streets, stop in Fine Art at Baxters for their exhibit of historic New Bern paintings created by the talents of Bernie Rosage, Vicki Vitali, and GeeVee Meyer. Just a few doors down, Carolina Creations will be featuring the plein air paintings of Dan Nelson and Michael Rooney.

Turn the corner onto Middle Street where you will find A Hopeful Balance displaying the works of several New Bern artists in their hallway leading up to Laughing Yoga at 6:45pm. In Bear Plaza, Hannah Mathiot of Bear Hands Art Factory will be displaying her whimsical pottery. Further down Middle Street, JaqJill will be showing and selling the works of Sydney Gilgo. Sydney makes and sells painted shells to raise funds and awareness of human trafficking for Bethesda and Bethlehem, a Costa Rican ministry. Each shell is $15 and 100% of proceeds go to benefit the women of the ministry who were single mothers rescued from human trafficking and work to liberate others from this terrible market. JaqJill will also be displaying the photography of Brandon Moreno.

Also on Middle Steet, Blaine Kruger will be demonstrating his painting skills at The Boathouse. Across the street, Midtown Olive Oil will be featuring the paintings of Becky Coleman, Kathleen Bailey, and Sarah Finch. You are invited to sample fine olive oils while your peruse fine art work.

At Bear Town Market's Beer Garden on the corner of Middle and South Front Street, the Bohemian artists of New Bern will be demonstrating and displaying their works. Artists include Chris Wagner, Gilligan Carlson Stith, Heather Main, Elisa Maple, and Braedon Welsh. This is always a fun venue for the whole family. Stop by and enjoy the artists accompanied by the live music of Asheville's The Broadcast, a rock and roll band who harken back to the sounds of classic rock with a power house lead female vocalist. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HEADLINES: Rosage graduates from ECU and gets a Job!!! Wife is ECSTATIC!

It's Official... I have graduated from East Carolina University and landed a job as the new art teacher at Jacksonville High School... I am SO excited!... and so is Tami!!!!!!!!!!!

Aerial / Atmospheric Perspective... The Landscape Painter's ace in the hole!

I shared this with my class and thought you all may enjoy it. Understanding and using aerial/atmospheric perspective is an essential tool in the landscape painters toolbox.
The image alone speaks volumes... FYI... Bernie

Aerial or atmospheric interference with visual perception causes loss of contrast, detail and sharp focus. The effect, which Leonardo called "the perspective of disappearance," tends to make objects seem to take on a blue-gray middle value as they increase in distance. This effect is used by film makers to give the illusion of great depth, but can be used to great effect by painters and draftsmen. The illustration above shows loss of color saturation, contrast, and detail as the cubes fall further away from the viewer. Here is a list of attributes that objects have as they recede in space:
SIZE OF OBJECTS-smaller objects seem farther away (distortions can occur if objects are the same size or too close to the viewer).
OVERLAPPING OR SUPERIMPOSING-by partially covering one object with another it gives an appearance of depth (distortions also occur if viewer is too close).
TEXTURE-density increases as an object gets further away.
SPACING-objects clustered closer together seem farther away. Horizontal lines which get closer as they near the horizon line appear to be defining a recession in space.
FOCUS-objects lose detail as they recede into space.
BRIGHTNESS-objects are brighter when closer to the viewer, except for reflective surfaces.
SHADE AND SHADOW-darker shadows seem closer especially if overlapping other shadows.
UPWARD ANGULAR LOCATION-creates depth if juxtaposed to ground and sky lines, e.g. tall buildings.
COLOR-color intensity is much greater closer to the viewer and tends toward medium gray as it recedes.
Hint: As objects recede away from the viewer in atmospheric perspective, bright whites and rich blacks tend toward medium gray and eventually disappear into a blue/gray background. Even colors have greater intensity closer to a viewer than they do further away.


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

It's a God thing...

It's a "GOD THING"... My "How Great Thou ART" class is painting this painting this Friday evening for our painting lesson. The inspiration comes from Jesus' words in Matthew... "You are the salt of the earth" and "You are the light of the world." Within the past two hours, I have had two pastors, one in Northern California and one in Winchester, Virginia, contact me to ask permission to use it as a visual for their upcoming sermons this Sunday... of course I said yes. I painted this several years ago... the story gets better... Pastor Nigel James, road pastor for the Christian band, Third Day, owns the original. 
Be salt and be light....
Peace, Bernie

"Salt and Light" by Bernie Rosage Jr.
6x8" Oil on Panel, Painted from life.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Plein Air... NC Mountain Style!

Had a great time painting en plein aire in the mountains of North Carolina with my dear artist friend... Jeremy Sams.