Thursday, May 27, 2010

Went back for seconds...

A little over a week ago I painted with my pards in OOPS (Onslow Outdoor Painters Society). We painted in the Kellum Community where I grew up. Check out this video from the event. We enjoyed the location so much that me and Mitchell Morton went back for seconds! Below is my painting from the first outing...

9x14.5" oil on Linen Panel, painted en plein air May 2010 by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Our position looking at the old tobacco barn and gardens.... below is my painting from our plein air outing yesterday. After teaching the plein air workshop to the All County Art Students earlier in the month I heave been experimenting with acrylics. Loving that FAST drying time and the ability to layer color on color in a matter of moments. These paintings will be on display in October 2010 at the Baysden Gallery for the OOPS group show to celebrate our third year anniversary.

8x10" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas painted en plein air, May 2010 by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Mitchell singing in the rain! It drizzled off and on throughout the day cutting our painting time a bit short again... had to call it a day around 5pm. Another great day plein air painting!

Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend...

Friday, May 21, 2010

OOPS! May Paint Out was AWESOME!

YouTube video link... OOPS! May 2010 Paint Out in the Kellum Community

15 OOPS (Onslow Outdoor Painters Society) artists converged on the small community of Kellum to paint in the gardens of John and Carolyn Meadows and Bernie and Maggie Rosage Sr. Bernie Jr., Dean, Mitchell, Penny, Ann, John, Bonnie, Gordon, Pat, Stephen, Karen, Sherry, and Patsy were among the artists present. Bernie's parents were gracious hosts and provided us with some great refreshments. An approaching thunder storm cut our painting time a bit short but we have a great time of fellowship and critique on the covered deck at Bernie and Maggie's house.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

High-Profile Art Heist today in France!... Reminds me of a similar story...

High-Profile Heist
by Anna Wainwright from
May 20, 2010

In what art experts are calling one of the biggest heists in history, a lone burglar seems to have made away with five paintings estimated at some 120 million dollars early Thursday morning after jimmying a padlock and breaking a window at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in the city's 16th arrondissment.

The five works stolen were Pablo Picasso's Le pigeon aux petits-pois; Henri Matisse's La Pastorale; Amedeo Modigliani's La femme à l'eventail; Fernand Léger's Nature-mort aux chandeliers; and George Braque's L'olivier près de l'Estaque.

Read the rest of the story from France Today HERE...

REMINDS me of a similar Art Heist that went awry several years ago... read on...

Did you hear about the guy in Paris who almost got away with stealing several paintings from the Louvre?

After planning the crime, getting in and out past security, he was captured only two blocks away when his Econoline ran out of gas.

When asked how he could mastermind such a crime and then make such an obvious error, he replied: “Monsieur, I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh.”

And you thought I lacked De Gaulle to tell a such a story.

Bernie :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Plein Air Paintings of New Bern, NC on exhibit at New Bern ArtWorks and Company.

The 300 Years 300 Views plein air exhibit opened May 14th at New Bern ArtWorks and Company and will run through the month of May. Be sure to make plans to drop by and see over 100 plein air works of New Bern by various artists from Eastern NC. Two of my paintings sold at the opening reception... my sincere thanks to the patron!

300 Years

January 2010, the city of New Bern will begin its year-long 300th Anniversary Celebration.

During the month of May 2010, New Bern Artworks & Company will have an exhibit of paintings done “en plein aire” to artistically celebrate the city’s anniversary. The opening reception was May 14th and coincided with the May 2010 New Bern Artwalk evening. All pieces on display will be for sale.

I am doing my part... here are several plein air pieces I have painted of New Bern for the 300 Years, 300 Views event which are on exhibit.

"A Stroll Down James Reed Lane... New Bern, NC" by Bernie Rosage Jr... 8x6x2.75"... Oil on panel, en plein aire, 9-2008. $175 SOLD

"Bradham's Pharmacy... Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola, New Bern, NC" by Bernie Rosage Jr... 6x8" Oil on Panel, en plein aire, 9-2008. $175 SOLD

"City Hall Clock Tower #2, New Bern, NC... A View from Pollock Street" by Bernie Rosage Jr... 8x6" Oil on Panel, en plein aire, 9-2008. $175

"Waterfront Docks, Downtown New Bern, NC"... 9x12" Oil on canvas, painted en plein aire for the IPAP's 7th annual WWPO, Bernie Rosage Jr., September 12, 2009. $200 unframed

"Major John Daves House, Historic New Bern, NC"... 9x12" oil on gallery wrapped canvas, painted en plein aire 9-13-2009 for IPAP's WWPO by Bernie Rosage Jr. $200 unframed

"In Memory of Mary, Cedar Grove Cemetery, New Bern, NC... 9x12x1.75" oil on panel, painted en plein aire 9-13-2009 for IPAP's WWPO by Bernie Rosage Jr. $200

"First Baptist Church, Historic New Bern, NC... 12x9" oil on gallery wrapped canvas, painted en plein aire 9-13-2009 for IPAP's WWPO by Bernie Rosage Jr. $200 unframed

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Anyone??????

"Strawberry Shortcake Anyone?"... 8x10" oil on gallery wrapped canvas, alla prima from life by Bernie Rosage Jr., 2010

The Four Brush-ka-teers minus Dean... Every other Monday evening the Four Brush-ka-teers (Bernie, Stephen, Mitchell, and Dean) paint a still life from life. This week Mitchell was in charge of bringing the still life and Olivia (my daughter) took charge in helping arrange everything just right.
She and Stephen took care of a few left over stawberries before we began.
Our subject for the evening... thanks to Mitchell and Olivia.
Dean... you missed a GREAT time painting and snack!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Cloud Nine Week ~ Honorable Mention

In my earlier post Cloud Nine Week ~ OAS Spring Art Show Online Tour ... I forgot to mention that my painting "Ha Penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland" was awarded an Honorble Mention at the current Onslow Art Society Spring Art Show.

Ha' penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.. 16x20" Oil on stretched canvas by Bernie Rosage Jr., 2009.

Friday, May 07, 2010

In the News: All County Art Student Plein Air Workshop a BIG Success!

OOPS Members; Karen Crenshaw, Stephen Greer, Bernie Rosage, and Mitchell Morton recently taught an all day workshop on plein air painting to the top high school art students in Onslow County. The 24 "All County Art Students" represented several high schools in the county and worked through four different workshops in a "round robin" style of teaching. At days end... parents and friends gathered to see the fruits of their labor. The event was organized by several high school art teachers and Janae Copeland, Onslow County Curriculum Coordinator for the Arts and Foreign Languages. The students were very attentive and a joy to work with... we hope this is an annual event to highlight the young visual artists in our community.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cloud Nine Week ~ Bernie awarded 2nd place at Kinston's 3rd Annual Paint Out!

The Kinston Community Council for the Arts (Kinston CCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes art in Lenoir County. Kinston CCAs annual paint out is held each year as a part of the BBQ festival on the Neuse. This year the paint out was for three days in downtown Kinston, beginning April 28 through April 30th. Paintings were juried and then were for sale as the art gallery next to Mother Earth Brewery during the Festival on the Neuse. OOPS (Onslow Outdoor Painters Society) members present were Bernie Rosage Jr., Mitchell Morton, Karen Crenshaw, and Susan Cheatham. Our friends... Tesh Parekh, Art Tyndall, Ruth Cox, Mary Page Whitley, and Charles Philip Brooks were there and we met many new friends. 25 artists entered the competition... 1st place went to Ruth Cox, 2nd to Bernie Rosage Jr., and 3rd to Tesh Parekh. Bernie, Mitchell, and Karen sold several paintings during the first viewing. A special thanks to the town of Kinston, Mother Earth Brewery, and the Kinston CCA for your hospitality and organizing this GREAT event!... We can't wait till next year!

Youtube video link... Kinston CCA's 3rd Annual Plein Air Paint Out

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cloud Nine Week ~ OAS Spring Art Show Online Tour ~ "Best in Show" awarded to Bernie Rosage Jr.

YouTube viseo link: Onslow Art Society 2010 Spring Art Show, Council for the Arts, Jacksonville, NC

OAS 2010 Spring Art Show Awards...
The Onslow Art Societys 49th Annual Spring Art Show will hang in the Bradford Baysden Gallery at the Council for the Arts, 826 New Bridge St., Jacksonville, NC until May 28.

The judge for this show was Becca Scott Reynolds, Gallery and Education Director for Arts Council of Wayne Co.

Fifty-eight area artists are having their work shown.

The Art Society is proud to announce the winners of this years spring show.

The Claire Armstrong Best in Show was awarded to Bernie Rosage, Jr. of Jacksonville for his oil painting, "Sean Dempsey in the Rare Auld Time"

Bernie's painting... "Sean Dempsey and the Rare Auld Times"...

The Claire Armstrong Endowment Award went to Mark Scott of Hampstead for "Last Curtain Call", a mixed media. The Onslow Art Societys Memorial Award was won by Penny Craven of Kinston for a mixed media painting, "The Coffee House Buddies." The Onslow County Award went to Johnnie Lee Scott of Richlands for a Polaroid Transfer, "Cavanaugh House Views." The Dr. Timothy Edwards Award was won by Robert Rigsby of Goldsboro for "Goose Showing Off", an oil painting and The Frame Game Gift Certificate was awarded to Mitchell Morton of Hubert for "Ottaway Burns," an acrylic. The Cheap Joes Gift Certificate went to Bill Sketoe of Cedar Point for "Symmetrical Contrast," an acrylic.

An Award of Excellence was awarded to:Jim Dees of Williamston for "Garden of the Gods," a photograph; Terry Rosenfelder of Wilmington for "Creekside Cottage," an oil; Donna Slade of Wake Forest for a color pencil painting, "Chucks Canvas."

An Award of Merit was presented to: Patsy Kennedy Lain of Hubert for "Home Sweet Home", an acrylic; Lynn Padgett of Holly Ridge for "Fish House Dock," a Mixed Media painting; Caleb Hayre of Jacksonville for "Ol Glory," an acrylic.

Honorable Mentions went to Carol Hovey of Wilmington for "Tapestry I-Carolina Concerto, a watercolor; Sarah Thrasher of New Bern for her photograph, "Empty,"; Bates Toone of Wilmington for "Wayne Barn," a watercolor: Johnnie Lee Scott of Richlands for "Looking Back to the Eighteen Hundreds," 3-D; Bernie Rosage, Jr. of Jacksonville for "Ha Penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland," an oil; Sherry Thurston of Sneads Ferry for "Welcome Home," a watercolor .

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Busy art week topped off with "Best in Show"

Had a busy-busy art week... OOPS Paint Out, Kinston Paint Out, WOHS All County Art Students Workshop, and the OAS Artist Reception...

The grand finale... "Best in Show" at the OAS 2010 Spring Art Show for "Sean Dempsey and the Rare Auld Times"... more details later in the week... I'm off to catch a relax right now!