Thursday, May 27, 2010

Went back for seconds...

A little over a week ago I painted with my pards in OOPS (Onslow Outdoor Painters Society). We painted in the Kellum Community where I grew up. Check out this video from the event. We enjoyed the location so much that me and Mitchell Morton went back for seconds! Below is my painting from the first outing...

9x14.5" oil on Linen Panel, painted en plein air May 2010 by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Our position looking at the old tobacco barn and gardens.... below is my painting from our plein air outing yesterday. After teaching the plein air workshop to the All County Art Students earlier in the month I heave been experimenting with acrylics. Loving that FAST drying time and the ability to layer color on color in a matter of moments. These paintings will be on display in October 2010 at the Baysden Gallery for the OOPS group show to celebrate our third year anniversary.

8x10" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas painted en plein air, May 2010 by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Mitchell singing in the rain! It drizzled off and on throughout the day cutting our painting time a bit short again... had to call it a day around 5pm. Another great day plein air painting!

Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend...

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