Friday, May 07, 2010

In the News: All County Art Student Plein Air Workshop a BIG Success!

OOPS Members; Karen Crenshaw, Stephen Greer, Bernie Rosage, and Mitchell Morton recently taught an all day workshop on plein air painting to the top high school art students in Onslow County. The 24 "All County Art Students" represented several high schools in the county and worked through four different workshops in a "round robin" style of teaching. At days end... parents and friends gathered to see the fruits of their labor. The event was organized by several high school art teachers and Janae Copeland, Onslow County Curriculum Coordinator for the Arts and Foreign Languages. The students were very attentive and a joy to work with... we hope this is an annual event to highlight the young visual artists in our community.

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Carol said...

Oh wow, passing it on to the teenagers. That's awesome! Way to go teacher ;o)