Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Simply to Thy Cross I Cling

"Simply to Thy Cross I Cling"... 5x7" Oil on panel, alla prima, 11-2007.
SOLD... Thanks again Andrew!

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For some strange reason I find cemeteries peaceful... anyone feel the same? My wife, kids, and I love to take walks through them and read the various epitaphs on the headstones. The older the cemetery the better... the kind where headstones in many cases are works of art themselves with ornate sculptures and the like. One of our favorite spots is Oakdale Cemetery in the southern coastal town of Wilmington, North Carolina. At Oakdale one can enjoy a stroll through a garden, a history museum, and an art gallery at the same time. I painted "Simply to Thy Cross I Cling" from a photograph I took of one of the artistic gravemarkers we saw while on one of our family strolls through Oakdale Cemetery. I put my faith in the simple words of that epitaph...

20 1799 1/3/60

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