Saturday, June 14, 2008

JAKERS! Bernie's off to Ireland!

Jakers!... Bernie and Tami are off to Ireland for their 20th Wedding Anniversary.
Bernie's artwork will be on hold till the end of the month but promises a series of paintings when he returns.
Jakers... the Irish expression for WOW!... sums up perfectly how we feel about this trip. We are like "Wild Geese" returning home. We look forward to sharing our adventure with you through Bernie's artwork upon our return...


exercise in expression said...

Don't kiss the blarney stone..... you already have enough of that!
Stephen.. er no, Mitchell... no, Donna Yeah that's it, Donna!

Austin Maloney said...

I like your blog. I'm a fellow daily painter and I was curious if you'd be interested in doing a reciprocal link exchange.

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bj said...

We visited Ireland about 10 years ago. Loved it!! Took about 20 rolls of film. Saw so very much. Fell in love with the beautiful land and its people. And the food was wonderful. Be sure to let us know every little detail when you return.