Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Enchanting Ireland" blog just started by Bernie...

Like wild geese we all have flown, to Columbia's rich shores of Ameriquay...

Those Emerald hues, they haunt us home, with a vow in our heart to return one day..."

... and we did... as a celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary and our family heritage. We hope you enjoy our experiences from our trip to Ireland, the land of "40 shades of green".

We recently started a new blog titled "Enchanting Ireland" as a way to organize and share our experiences and Bernie's paintings from our recent trip. Paintings for sale will still be listed here but the WIP paintings for the upcoming exhibit will be posted on the new blog.

Click here... "Enchanting Ireland"

Bernie and Tami

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Anonymous said...

Thank ya fer startin' "Enchanting Ireland" blog. I look forward to lookin' in on ya.