Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Demo for the Art Academy at WOHS...

For the third semester in a row I have had the honor to speak to the Art Academy students at White Oak High School. White Oak holds a special place in my heart... I graduated there in 1979. In fact, three of my four children did also. Blanche Johnson was my art teacher at WOHS in the 70's and cultivated my interest in art. I wish she was living today so we could share thoughts and paint together.
I always enjoy speaking to the art students (over 100 in the Academy) because they are genuinely interested and ask great questions. A special thanks to all of them for making me feel at home with their kindness and respect. Debra Pylypiw and Brandi Criscitiello have done an awesome job instructing these students.

Here they are filtering in the auditorium for my demo.
I choose to do a quick (25 minute) demo in acrylics to show them the technique of working in complementary colors. We spoke about plein air painting, editing the scene, painting the major shapes, and working shapes within the major shapes. I have included the painting from the demo after I tweaked it a bit in the studio.
"Country Road" - 11x14 acrylic on stretched canvas - Bernie Rosage Jr. - 10/29/2010 - Art demo for WOHS Arts Academy

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