Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a NOVEL idea!

Last August I received this email from Paul Ferris, an author from the UK...

Ha' penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland..
16x20" oil on stretched canvas 
Bernie Rosage Jr., 2009.
Dear Bernie,

I am in the process of having my first novel published. I came across your painting of Half'penny Bridge on the internet and would like to consider using the image as the front cover of the book. Please could you let me know if this is acceptable to you? The novel is entitled 'An Irish Heartbeat' and contains a lengthy passage between the two main characters (Cormac and Bernadette) which takes place on the bridge. Thank you for your consideration of this request and good luck with your excellent work.

Kind Regards,

Paul Ferris

Today I was pleasantly surprised by a package that arrived for me... when I opened it I found a signed copy of Paul Ferris' new novel An Irish Heartbeat... with my painting as the cover! I can't wait to read it!
An Irish Heartbeat
by Paul Ferris

Inside flyleaf...

An Irish Heartbeat
by Paul Ferris
ISBN 978-1-907652-26-4
From gallery walls, to wine bottles, to book covers... I'm thankful and humbled.
Thanks Paul for the gift and pleasant surprise!

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bj said...

Wow! I know you are most honored to have your artwork chosen to grace the front cover of a novel. Congratulations!