Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mother and Child #1... after Luini

"Mother and Child #1"... after Bernardino Luini... 5x7" Oil on Panel,
alla prima, 4-2007.
SOLD... Thanks again Martha! Happy Mother's Day!

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With the approach of Mother's Day I wanted to paint a special series as a tribute to mom's everywhere. It was my goal to capture that priceless bond shared by a mother and her child... the special intimacy and unconditional love which is hard to put into words and on canvas. Moms know what I'm trying to say. I chose to cover three master artists for this series whose works, with my own flair, conveyed the mood I was looking for. Bernardino Luini, a famed old master of the Italian Renaissance, was my first choice. "Mother and Child #1" is a cropped cover version of his famous painting "The Sleeping Christ", sometimes referred to as "Madonna and Sleeping Child with Three Angels" (1532). Thank you moms!

Original: The Sleeping Christ, or Madonna and Sleeping Child with Three Angels, 1532 by Bernardino Luini (1481-1532)

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