Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Down by the River #2

"Down by the River "... 6x12" Oil on panel, en plein aire, 5-27-2007.
SOLD... Thanks again Al!

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This painting is the result of another great afternoon plein air painting. The scene is set along the banks of the South Fork of the New River near Todd, North Carolina. I never tire painting along this scenic river. Another cool thing about plein air painting is the people I come in contact with. I would estimate that 75 bicyclists passed me by (many stopping to speak) in the 1 1/2 hours it took me to paint this one. Railroad Grade Road runs along the beautiful river and is one of the most popular biking routes in the Appalachian mountains. The ten mile route between Fleetwood and Todd, NC has been enjoyed by thousands of cyclists who rave about the scenic beauty of the route... one only needs to visit it once to echo their sentiments.
The actual scene... (that's my daughter and her boyfriend in the kayaks... I actually dropped them off up river sometime earlier.)

A lovely couple that dropped by... "hey" if you get the chance to see this! Please sign the comments section under this entry so I'll know you saw this...

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Mark Rossnagel said...

We met while fishing at the pond on 6/17. I checked out your site. Very nice work. The river painting makes me want to head back to the mountains. I'll check out your site every now and then to see whats new. Have a blessed day.
Mark Rossnagel