Thursday, May 03, 2007

Safe Home

"Safe Home"... 6x8" Oil on Panel, alla prima, 4-2007.
SOLD... Thanks again AL!

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Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Hatteras Lighthouse has survived 40 plus hurricanes, countless nor'easters and has managed to save the lives of seafaring mariners since 1870. Cape Hatteras Light was 1600 feet (490 meters) from the ocean when it was completed in 1870. In June 1999 it stood just a few feet from the open beach, protected by rows of sandbags but vulnerable to the next passing summer hurricane or winter nor'easter. Due to erosion of the shore, the lighthouse was moved from its original location at the edge of the ocean to safer ground 2870 feet inland. The move was controversial at the time with speculation that the structure would not survive the move. Despite some opposition, work progressed and the move was completed between 1999 and 2000 in a massive operation. Rededicated in 2000, the lighthouse, is fully open to the public at its new location further inland. This painting, "Safe Home", captures the old and the new location of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and a story with a "happy ending" that future generations of Tarheels and Americans can enjoy every time they see this magnificent structure.

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