Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Cape Lookout" by Bernie Rosage Jr.

"Cape Lookout"... 20x16" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 2008.
SOLD... Thanks Jane!

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This painting was commissioned by a dear friend from the "Class of '79"... Her grandfather was the lighthouse keeper at Cape Lookout many years ago.

The first lighthouse was completed and lighted in 1812. It was a 96 foot high brick tower painted with red and white horizontal stripes. It proved to be too short to light the treacherous coast. The present lighthouse was completed in 1859 and is 150 feet tall. In 1873 the lighthouse was painted in its distinctive black and white diagonal checkerboard pattern. It is the only lighthouse known to have this pattern... unique because the diamond pattern indicates compass direction. When the sailors saw a black lighthouse with a white diamond pattern, that meant the ship was sailing east or west. However, when the sailors saw a white lighthouse with a black diamond, that meant the ship was sailing south or north. It's the only NC lighthouse that operates during the day and can be seen 12 miles out to sea. It is my favorite of all our beautiful lighthouses here in North Carolina...

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Michael said...

Nice work, Mr. Bernie!