Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Enchanting Ireland series officially begins NOW!

I have spent the last couple evenings working on my first painting for my "Enchanting Ireland" series. I plan to show the paintings in various stages as WIPs... Works in Progress. This will be a bit different for my loyal patrons who frequent this site because you are used to seeing finished works done "alla prima"... "all at once". I also plan to share my thoughts and inspiration behind these paintings... possibly an Irish history lesson or two along the way.

Sit back and enjoy... I welcome your comments at any time. Click on images to enlarge.

Sketch of the Annie Moore tribute statue at Cobh, Ireland... 20x16" on canvas...


Below is the burnt umber under-painting stage... no worries... I don't intend for the young lad pointing to look like he is from the Planet of the Apes for long...

I'll share updates plus a little info about Annie Moore soon...

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