Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bernie's Ramblings: Self Taught or NOT...????... Kudos to my Mentors!

Most of my collectors and peers know that I am self taught... but to be honest... that is not a fair assessment. I would be more accurate in saying that I am self-motivated to be taught.

For example... I glean from the masters... old and new. I read books about painting almost daily... my favorite book BTW way is "Alla Prima" by Richard Schmid. I am in constant contact with artists from around the world through the Wet Canvas online artists community and other sites. At these online artists cafés as I call them... I have made many friends and gained several mentors. One of my dearest friends and mentors is artist, Larry Seiler. I submit my work for honest and helpful critiques and have learned what to take from them and what "not" to take. I also like to surround myself with local artist friends like "OOPS"... a local plein air group where things are more personal.

When time and location permits I like to attend workshops and have learned a wealth from them. Another mentor and friend, artist Mike Rooney, has helped me grow through his awesome workshops.

One of the ways that I have learned the most is by instructional DVD's. Demos where I can actually see the artist at work sharing his/her thoughts and techniques. I can watch these video demos as often and whenever I want to... very convenient for a busy artist like myself. My favorite plein air demos are the plein air series put out by Richard Schmid.

The "Painting a Day" art movement that is gaining momentum in the art collecting market and is one of my favorite ways to express myself. It's the art of painting everyday subjects from life is such a way they almost come alive. When it comes to my "painting a day" love of still life the one artist who has helped me grow more than any other is Hall Groat II. I purchased Hall's first two DVD's.... VOLUME #1 and VOLUME #2... and was very impressed by his simple yet thorough approach. My work was already selling by this point but after studying the demos and applying some of Hall's techniques my work jumped up several notches and began to sell for higher dollar amounts. My style is different from Hall's... after all... I don't wish to copy his work but glean from it and let it help mold my own. What I have learned from his DVD's is worth 10 times more than I paid for them. I understand Hall is up to VOLUME #20 as I write this... may just have to pay Hall's site another visit. To top it all... Hall has become a dear cyber friend and mentor and has been very approachable and helpful to me every step of the way on my journey... my Artistic Release!

Click HERE... to see some of my "painting a day" works.

Most of all... I have learned the most about painting from PAINTING! All the resources and mentors listed above would be for naught if I didn't apply the paint to canvas...

Kudos to all my mentors!

Bernie Rosage Jr.

Check out Hall's various sites and blogs: http://www.oilpaintingdvd.com/


bj said...

Although I studied art in the mid 1970's, I didn't pursue it until 2000. I consider my artist life as being "self guided". Much like you, I seek out the best books, videos, mentors - anyone who can help me further my artwork. And I'm beginning to give back to the art community some of the things I've learned along the way. It's been a nice ride.

mike rooney said...

thanks for the mention bernie. i'm honored to have you see me as a mentor. you have worked very hard on your craft since we first met several years ago, now, and it shows. the work has form and life and your high finish in the plein air contest this past spring is proof. thanks again my friend! BTW i have two workshops planned in morehead city for late october if you wouldnt mind mentioning them. the exact dates are on my blog. preesh!

Larry said...

It is very kind, Bernie...and a good model of humility on your part as well.

I am more rooted to the past I'm afraid, than the present and future. Seeing myself willing to have been a good student of Edgar Payne and Emile Gruppe if only opportunity would have allowed.

Since I am not perhaps a realist or perhaps practical...for years I worked to reinvent the wheel, and sharing became a gesture of good fellowship so that others would not have to bang their heads nearly so hard against the same walls.

After thirty years plus painting, recent delving into the thoughts of Payne and Gruppe have become proxy mentors.

Ahh...what a blessing that one at any age can be challenged, reinvented, and strive for excellence and good works. I believe our Creator meant it to be so.



Hello Bernie,
Thanks for the kind words. It's terrific to see you working to both preserve and embrace an approach to painting that has true artistic and social import. Perhaps this on-line movement making some real progress. Here's a link with a few podcasts I put together on this movement: