Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vintage Camera "Hawkeye Brownie" by Bernie Rosage Jr.

"Hawkeye Brownie".... 8H x 8W x 1.75D" Oil on panel, alla prima from life, 1-2009.

This original oil painting by American Artist, Bernie Rosage Jr. is available for purchase... Email Bernie about purchasing details HERE... please include the paintings title in the subject line.
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Anyone who has followed my work knows that I love to paint old vintage cameras. American nostalgia can not be better exemplified than by this painting I did from life of the famous Brownie, the name of a long-running and extremely popular series of simple and inexpensive cameras made by Kodak. The Brownie popularized low-cost photography and introduced the concept of the snapshot. The first Brownie, introduced in February, 1900, was a very basic cardboard box camera with a simple lens. With its simple controls and initial price of $1, it was intended to be a camera that anyone could afford and use. The camera was named after the popular cartoons created by Palmer Cox. The model I painted here is the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model introduced in 1949 (1950 for the flash synchronized model). The original price was $5.50 and the flash was $7. It was discontinued in July 1961... one month before I was born.

Everyday objects painted from life is the essence of the "Painting a Day" art movement that is gaining momentum in the art collecting market.
This painting, on wood, is box-framed and ready to hang.
All my paintings are signed originals using artist grade oils and archival surfaces.
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exercise in expression said...

who took the pic of you painting? That is a awesome picture! Ha! seriously though it is very realistic. dean

Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Thanks for taking this cool photo Dean! Thanks for dropping by... great job on your old brownie painting too.