Friday, April 02, 2010

"Waiting for the Recital" available now!

Title: "Waiting for the Recital"
Artist: Bernie Rosage Jr.
Size: 10x8"
Medium and Surface: Oil on Linen Panel
Source: alla prima from life

This original oil painting by Bernie Rosage Jr. is available for purchase at Bernie's online store at Purchasing is fast, secure, and as easy with the click of a button... please visit my Artistic Release Store and check out my work. Click HERE to see details about this painting.

About this painting:
This pair of ballet point shoes was painted from life in my studio. I loved the challenge presented by the lights and darks, form, and shadows. There is something classical and peaceful about an old pair of ballet shoes... "Waiting for the Recital" seems to be a perfect title for this painting.

Everyday objects painted from life is the essence of the "Painting a Day" art movement that is gaining momentum in the art collecting market.

All paintings are signed originals using artist grade oils on archival surfaces. "Certificate of Authenticity" included.

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