Thursday, April 08, 2010

"Plein Air Study: Swansboro, NC" available now!

Title: "Plein Air Study: Swansboro, NC"
Artist: Bernie Rosage Jr.
Size: 8x10"
Medium and Surface: Oil on panel
Source: plein air

This original oil painting by Bernie Rosage Jr. is available for purchase at Bernie's online store at Purchasing is fast, secure, and as easy with the click of a button... please visit my Artistic Release Store and check out my work. Click HERE to see details about this painting.

About this painting:
This scene is set in the small coastal town of Swansboro, North Carolina. I was itching to get out and plein air paint... somewhere... anywhere. I called a couple of plein air pards and we decided to converge on Bicentennial Park in downtown Swansboro. I went to the early service at church and arrived in Swansboro around noon. On the way I passed through a drenching downpour but was determined to paint even if it meant finding shelter to do so. Surprisingly enough the rain skirted around us all day with the exception of a few drops here and there. I used the Zorn limited palette for this painting... it worked well for the overcast look of the day. The Zorn palette (often used by artist and namesake Anders Zorn) consists of Yellow Ochre, Cad Red, Ivory Black (with a tad of Ultramarine Blue) and Titanium White. This scene is set looking across the White Oak River towards Clyde Phillips fish house from the coastal town of Swansboro.

All paintings are signed originals using artist grade oils on archival surfaces. "Certificate of Authenticity" included.

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