Friday, June 25, 2010

Had a GREAT time at the 3rd Annual Kinston Plein Air Paint Out

Mitchell, Karen, Bernie (me), and Susan... members of the plein air group OOPS (Onslow Outdoor Painters Society) recently participated in the 3rd Annual Kinston Plein Air Paint Out.

I set up my easel on Queen Street and painted Christopher's Cafe across the street. I was drawn to the light hitting the various newspaper boxes on the corner.

Here I am set up on the corner of Queen and Gordon streets... I was drawn to the clock on the busy corner. I jammed to Paul Rogers on the IPOD as I painted this one allowing me to concentrate on the painting vs talking to everyone (I'm a social-lite) plus the music occupied my left brain allowing the creative right side to take over more... :) This painting won 2nd place in the competition and sold that day.

I painted two of the three days allotted for the event. Here I am set up behind the Kinston Arts Council Building looking toward Queen's Street Methodist Church. The ornate towers spoke to me but I wanted to capture a feeling of light vs painting all that detail. Still jamming to Paul Rogers during this one! This one sold right away too. :)

Here I set up to paint the exact replica of the Confederate Ram CSS Ram Neuse.

While painting the various scenes in Kinston I think the COOLEST building in town was the new Mother Earth Brewing building. The new brewery has a tap room and is building a GREAT reputation in Kinston and Eastern NC. Here's one I did of their cool logo on the side of the brewery... BTW.. their motto is "Love, Peace, and Beer" how cool is that! I painted the old timer in as an after thought to help the composition. This painting sold that first day too.
Here I am pictured with the award winner and sold paintings.... Had a blast at this event and will return next year!


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Hi Bernie, Ahh, I love them all, but mostly, you know the colors I like, Queen's Street Methodist Church. Beautiful:) Congratulations on your awards. You look like you've lost a few pounds there handsome. Lookin' good and healthy;) Take care!

hope chests said...

Bernie, you work is very amazing. How did that happen? I wonder how many hours did you make those paintings? But I can say that you are totally skilled.