Friday, January 21, 2011

Bernie's Ramblings... Creativity

Creative people make our world a better place. Their sensitivity, flexibility, playfulness, productivity, fluency, analytical and organizational skills contribute so much to society on all levels. From the visual arts to NASA, creativity can be witnessed continually with benefits for us all. I think that there is something eternal within us that make us want to create.

My brother Mike.
 For me as an artist, I feel a need to create. If I am not creating there is a void and I’m miserable… just ask my wife and kids! The creative person I’d like to highlight is my brother, Mike. My sister and I are generally recognized as the creative ones in the family because we always had a pencil or paintbrush in our hands. Mike exhibits the creative traits mentioned, however, his medium is cars! He loves restoring old cars! He is flexible enough to see the possibilities of an old rust bucket sitting in some farmer’s old barn. He has the originality to modify metal and parts to transform a car from Maybelle to Mayhem! Mike can transform his ideas into reality with his analytical skills by tearing things apart and figuring out what makes them tick. He then exhibits organizational skills by putting everything back together even better than it was originally. He is very productive with his restorations and makes a healthy profit from his projects. However, like most creative people, he does it for the sheer joy of creating!

1954 Checy "Maybelle"

Same car after Mike transformed it to "Mayhem".

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