Monday, January 31, 2011

Six Functions of Art: #2... Create extraordinary versions of ordinary objects.

Six Functions of Art
2. Create extraordinary versions of ordinary objects.

Chocolate Covered Cherry No. 3
5-16-2005 by Duane Keiser

Artists have the a knack for allowing us to see things in different ways… even everyday objects we take for granted can be transformed into works of art through their endeavors. Duane Keiser is a painter from Richmond, Virginia. He has been doing a daily painting since December 10, 2004, slowing down in April 2006 for other projects. I chose Duane’s work (I could have chosen any one of his hundreds of paintings) because he is "the father" of the ”painting a day” art movement that is sweeping the globe. The premise is to paint small “postcard” size paintings from life in one sitting every day. The subjects are usually everyday objects that often go unnoticed around us.

I participated in the “painting a day” project in 2007 and painted 180 paintings that year… not quite everyday but enough to keep me busy! Three of those paintings are listed below...

Thanks for dropping by... stay tuned for,,, Function #3 Record and Commemorate.

Cadmium Lemon
8x8" oil on linen panel
Bernie Rosage Jr.

Salt and Light
6x8" oil on panel
Bernie Rosage Jr.

Hammer Down
7x5" oil on linen panel
Bernie Rosage Jr.

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