Friday, March 16, 2012

ETSY: "Irish Stew and a Pint" by Bernie Rosage Jr.

An Irish Toast...
"We drink to your coffin. May it be built from the wood of a hundred year old oak tree that I shall plant tomorrow." Sláinte! 

Title: "Irish Stew and a Pint"... Brazen Head, Dublin, Ireland
Artist: Bernie Rosage Jr.
Size: 14x11"
Medium and Surface: Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Price: $200

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About this painting:
Tami and I had our first Pub Grub and pint in Ireland's oldest pub...The Brazen Head... in Dublin. In my American mindset I think of anything over 100 years to be old... well that bubble was burst as we enjoyed ourselves in the Brazen Head which has been a pub since 1198AD. WOW... now that's OLD!

The Brazen Head has managed to retain the charm and characteristics of it's past and in particular it's patrons, who have included such literaries as James Joyce, Brendan Behan and Jonathan Swift as well as such revolutionaries as Robert Emmet, Wolfe Tone, Daniel O'Connell and Michael Collins.

Today the patrons still include some famous faces, including some very famous musicians like Van Morrison, Hothouse Flowers, Mary Black and Garth Brooks... not to mention... two jovial Americans... US... Sláinte!

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