Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SOLD: "Fort Fisher at Peace" by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Title: "Fort Fisher at Peace" Fort Fisher, Kure Beach, NC
Artist: Bernie Rosage Jr.
Size: 6x8"
Medium and Surface: Acrylic on canvasboard
SOLD... Thanks again Katherine!... Houston, Texas

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About this painting:
Today's daily painting includes a history lesson... hope you enjoy...
The mounds of the Civil War fort, Fort Fisher, are a perfect place to take a peaceful and scenic stroll today. The scrub oaks, mounds, visitor's center, and views of the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Fear River make the spot a favorite North Carolina tourist destination. Until its capture by the Union army in 1865, Fort Fisher was the largest earthwork fortification in the world. The “Gibraltar of the South” protected the port of Wilmington and ensured that the Confederacy had at least one “lifeline” until the last few months of the Civil War. Confederate fortune ran out in January 1865. On January 12, Union ships bombarded the fort. Some have estimated the Union firepower to be approximately 100 shells per minute. The incessant Union fire continued until mid-day on January 15, when Union troops stormed the fort from all sides. Hand-to-hand combat ensued. A few hours later, Union troops captured the fort. With the fort’s capture, the Confederacy lost only remaining supply line to its infantry protecting the Confederate capital, Richmond, Virginia. The Battle of Fort Fisher was the largest amphibious assault in history until surpassed by D'Day during World War II.

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