Monday, July 02, 2007

Church of the Frescoes... Holy Trinity

"Church of the Frescoes... Holy Trinity" ... 6x8", Oil on Panel, 6-2007.
SOLD... Thanks Again Al!

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Holy Trinity is one of two quaint churches located in Ashe County, North Carolina. It shares a unique bond with St Mary's of West Jefferson that goes beyond their Episcopal affiliation with the Church of Christ... they both house artwork by renowned artist, Ben Long. Ben Long and his students spent months painting religious scenes in the classic style of fresco in both churches. Holy Trinity was built in 1901 in the small community of Glendale Springs and houses several frescoes among the most popular, "The Last Supper". The church still serves the community and is visited by thousands every year since the summer of 1980 when "The Last Supper" was painted.

The actual fresco painting by Ben Long, "The Last Supper".

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