Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Highland Road

"The Highland Road"... 6x8" Oil on Panel, alla prima, 8-2007.
SOLD... Thanks again Art!

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The Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina are the home to many fine people of Scottish descent. Many families in the area date back to the mid 1700's when they were deported to the Carolinas from their homeland under English rule. The Battle of Culloden (1746) was the final blow and what happened after the battle horrified the nation - the cruel harrowing of the Glens, when Scotland was laid bare by 'Butcher Cumberland'. Arriving in the Carolina Colony they found their way to the Blue Ridge mountains which resembled their homeland. These mountains furnished a new home, a peaceful life, and a fresh start. The Clans still gather at the Highland Games each July at Grandfather Mountain to keep the Highland traditions alive.

20 1899

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