Monday, October 25, 2010

Jacksonville Commons Plein Air Series...

"A Stroll in the Park"... 6x8" acrylic en plein aire by Bernie Rosage Jr., 10/24/2010.

My wife, Tami, is an avid runner and loves to run the 3 mile loop around the Jacksonville Commons. Our daughter, Olivia, usually joins in on the fun by following/leading with her bike. I exercise my creative muscles by plein air painting while they are off really exercising! This allows me 45-minutes to an hour for some small 6x8" quick studies. I sat on a park bench and tried my new homemade cigar pochade box for this one.

Stage one... the block in. Sometimes I will block my plein air paintings in the complimentary colors as seen here.

Last weeks painting...

"The Park"... 6x8" acrylic on linen panel, en plein aire, by Bernie Rosage Jr. 10/9/2010.

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