Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Reminiscing

"Christmas Reminiscing"... 5x7" Oil on panel, alla prima from life, 11-2007.
SOLD... Thanks Betty!

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This small still life was set up in my studio and painted from life in anticipation of the Christmas Season. I love Christmas and often reminisce about those gone by... especially those special memories of loved ones no longer with us. The small bell in this painting belonged to my wife's grandmother when she was a small girl... it was actually attached to her horse drawn sleigh. May this small painting, "Christmas Reminiscing", bring you warm memories of loved ones and this special time of year... Merry Christmas!

Everyday objects painted from life is the essence of the "Painting a Day" art movement that is gaining momentum in the art collecting market.

20 2050 2/8/72

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