Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ocracoke Lighthouse... Up Close and Personal

"Ocracoke Lighthouse... Up Close and Personal"... 8x6" Oil on Panel, alla prima, 1-2008.
SOLD... Thanks Jay!

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This painting, "Ocracoke Lighthouse... Up Close and Personal", gives a different vantage point of how this famous lighthouse is usually painted or photographed. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are beautiful... the crowning jewel in my humble opinion is Ocracoke Island... I always enjoy my visits there. Some legends say that Blackbeard's treasure is buried under the Ocracoke Lighthouse... very doubtful since the notorious pirate was killed in 1718... over a century before the lighthouse was completed in 1823. Ocracoke Lighthouse is currently the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in North Carolina.

30 3007 3/74

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