Wednesday, February 06, 2008


"Bookworm"... 6x8" Oil on Panel, alla prima from life, 2-2008.
SOLD... Thanks Jo!

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I set up this small still life and painted it as an art lesson for a friend who has recently taken up oil painting. We talked about the importance of painting from life... how it hons the skills of an artist by teaching him how to "see". The "art of seeing" as my art teacher called it. We could all benefit from the "art of seeing"... a method where we learn to see the things around us by taking them in, savoring them, and thinking about what we see... sure beats the alternative... "just looking".

Everyday objects painted from life is the essence of the "Painting a Day" art movement that is gaining momentum in the art collecting market.

40 4100 4/9/144


Cassidy said...

Hi. well you don't know me. but I'm Mitchell Morton's grand daughter.I just wanted to leave a comment saying that I really enjoy your art. I see it as laid back,simple, and to the point,which I appreciate. And, if my opinion isnt what you were aiming for, I'm sorry if i offended you in any way. I just wanted to put in my 2cents.


Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Cassidy... thanks for the kind words. Laid back and simple is what I aim for... good to hear your feedback. I think a lot of your granddaddy... thanks for dropping by.