Thursday, January 19, 2012

ETSY: "View from the Octagon House" by Bernie Rosage Jr.

Title: "View from the Octagon House"
Artist: Bernie Rosage Jr.
Size: 5.75x9.75"
Medium and Surface: Acrylic on linen panel
Source: en plein aire
Price: $45

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About this painting:
I never tire painting the North Carolina landscape... I live on the Carolina Coast but spend as much time in the Blue Ridge mountains as possible, all the while, painting as I journey through life.

The Octagon House in Carteret County has fascinated me since I was a kid. It is the oldest structure in Carteret County, NC and seems to be built according to a popular fad of eight sided houses of the mid 1800's. The grounds offer splendid views of the White Oak River and marsh like this one.

Check this link out on the Octagon House... I did created a blog about it for an Art Appreciation class in college... Click HERE...

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